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Carolyne Mellon

I’m originally from New Brunswick where midwives are new, few, and far between! It’s no surprise that without being exposed to the profession, it took me some time to realize that it was right for me. I applied to the midwifery program after completing a Bachelor …

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Sevanne Carpenter

It was during the pregnancy and birth of my first child that I decided midwifery was the career for me. During this time, I became passionate about the importance of feeling safe, respected, and being able to make my own decisions during pregnancy and childbirth. Weeks …

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Bekah Ghent

My journey to midwifery began a few years after high school on an exploratory trip to east Africa where I visited a family friend who was a midwife in Rwanda. It was there, in the slums of Kigali, that I attended my first birth. I was …

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