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Leah White

The journey to my profession as a midwife is paved in self-discovery, spirituality, and dare I say a touch of grace. My childhood was a fusion of city and country life, involving a mix of religions, nationalities, and experiences. That coupled with my deep curiosity, set the tone for an unconventional beginning to my adult life. I completed an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Guelph in 2002, having started with the intention to become a veterinarian. It was there I discovered women’s studies, medical ethics and philosophy, environmental sciences and yoga. I was inspired to slow down and spent my 20’s becoming a yoga teacher, volunteering in my communities, and travelling the world. The more I opened up and witnessed, the more I knew that whatever I dedicated my mind and heart to would need to be in service and allow me to be who I am.

Midwifery revealed itself in a book I read entitled “The Red Tent”. I loved the idea of holistic healthcare, respecting a woman’s voice and experience, and the idea that I could work with families and communities directly making an impact. In 2011, I was accepted to the Ryerson Midwifery Education Program where I learned from many of the grandmothers of this profession. Along my way, I have worked in Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Barrie, Uxbridge, Markham-Stouffville, and now Norfolk! I chose to do locum work around the province in search of a place I could honestly call home. I have loved getting to know my colleagues and clients everywhere I have been, exposing me to how different and also how similar we are at the same time. I feel grateful to be using a wide skill set that deepens my experience of myself and my relationship to others.

In addition to training as a midwife, I also teach yoga and barre, work as a colon hydrotherapist, reiki practitioner, and holistic health coach/nutritionist. When I am not midwifing, some other passions are yoga/meditation, dancing, hiking/camping, and spending time with friends. Nature, water, people, animals and food get me every time.

I am excited to have come on board here in Norfolk and look forward to exploring this beautiful area of Ontario, as well as getting to know all of you!